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Pink Floyd - Echoes -- Bluesy ish part


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Pink Floyd sure writes some difficult music.


Anyhow, I was wondering if everyone knew what chords/things being played on the keyboard during the funkish part of Echoes.


For the studio version (Meddle) it starts at about 7 minutes four seconds?


I'm pretty set on it being a F# + A# chord to a E + G# chord, but my guitarist person leader says otherwise.


Anybody have any idea?

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That piece was one of our best when I had a PF tribute band.


As Busch said, it's basically a jam with the bassist jamming on a C# template and the Hammond RT3 following a | C#m, F#/C# | pattern and some occasional preceding B/C#. But played with the right feeling, it's a very powerful basic formula using the guitar/organ tandem.


We used to play/improvise this part much more aggressively than the Meddle version, closer to the Pompeï version.

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