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Motion Sound upgraded speaker?


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I have a KBR-M from Motion Sound that I am mostly happy with. I love having one unit that has both a rotating horn and stationary channel for non-organ stuff.


My minor disatisfaction is with the non-rotary channel though; I can't really get a great sound out of it for acoustic piano and electric piano sounds. I was thinking that maybe I could improve the sound by upgrading the speaker and/or tweeter, although I have no experience in upgrading speakers. The sound to me is a harsh mid-rangey sound; not warm on the top or bottom. The unit comes with a stock Eminence Beta 12" that seems to be a lower cost speaker. MS has a page on their website about upgrading, but doesn't really say anything about specific speakers you can use. Can anyone recommend a really good replacement speaker, or post any thoughts on if it would even likely help? I of course know JBL, EV et al but don't know models/series or what is good...thanks!

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