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Hello keyboardists.


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I am wondering two things from my fellow musicians... first, if you would be willing to listen to the music I have created. I have been playing a cheap 61-key device for the last month, no prior musical training; I'd like some feedback.





Secondly, I wonder at what price do keyboards begin to surface that contain weighted keys, such as those found on a true piano? Under 400 dollars (Canadian), I seem to be finding keyboards with only the thin slabs with space underneath for keys. These are quite frustrating; no backhand sweeps are able to be performed! :mad:


Are there any affordable keyboards with weighted keys? That is all I really need, as piano is a feature on each one, piano being my favourite "voice".


Thanks! :)

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First, welcome to the Forum.


Others may disagree with me, but I believe that the basic price at which you move from "toys" to "instruments" (at least as far as digital pianos are concerned) is about US$500. If you're looking for a weighted keybed with a decent acoustic piano sound, check out the Casio Privia series (about which you can find lots of information if you use the "search" function at the top right of the Forum's home page), or perhaps a Yamaha P70 (which sells for a bit more than the Privias but is worth it in my opinion). You may also want to look at the M-Audio ProKeys 88 (US$600) or ProKeys 88sx (US$400), but I, for one, am not a big fan of the action on those boards.


Good luck.



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