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Tyros 2 vs Motif ES


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been hearing quite a bit about the Tyros 2 and have been quite impressed in terms of some of the SAV sounds and what it can do for the live performer.


couple of Qns if you would indulge me


1. What can the Motif ES do that the Tyros 2 can't.


2. what are the sounds/voices that the Motif ES has but not the Tyros 2 - impression is the ES has more 'progressive' synth/pad sounds. eg, If I dun use the arranger function, am I left with very similar motif sounds?


3. I'v been googling for Tyros 2 in japan sites but seems like I come up with ZERO. strange that you get that in goole - does that imply that the Tyros 2 is not marketed there? If so , Why not?


4. here in Singapore I can get it for US$2500 vs similar price for the Motif ES7 vs MO6 for half the price. Is it value for money/worth the premium?


Thanks for yr thoughts

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