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Accugroove cabs for keyboard rigs

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I'm considering Accugroove cabs for my live keyboard set-up. I've read some earlier posts here and elsewhere that seem fairly positive versus the T112L. Any new input versus these cabs or other Accugroove cabinets? Has anyone tried these cabinets for full-range home studio mixes (i.e. room monitors in situations with multiple listeners for mix-down comparisons)?
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I've done some critical listening tests with a pair of T112Ls in a studio environment recently, but not with keyboards (just prerecorded material). They work quite well, but they're not going to replace nearfields for recording purposes.


Another, much less expensive, alternative are Acme cabinets. As long as you provide them with TONs of power, they sound incredible.


For live keyboards, if you can afford it, the Accugrooves sound great, but at that level, you should explore high end PA cabinets as well.

"For instance" is not proof.


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