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Total SPAM: mp4 and rhodes for sale


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Try posting your sale in the "Garage Sale" thread (on the first page today).


I was just at a wedding in Santa Barbara, beautiful town, loved it. Bachelor party started at Intermezzo's. Somebody kept filling my glass with Black Label, it could have been the waiter under my instruction, but I'm not too sure! :)




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What are you getting instead of the mp4? Why are you selling it?

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I switched to an s90es. My band is very electronic, and I needed the effects power. I also needed a better Rhodes tone, which the yamaha has. I still love the mp4, but not lugging a mixer and DSI evolver around for processing. The mp4 is terrific *for what it does*. Great action, pretty good piano tone. And 1200 bucks, new. That being said, I'm having one hell of a love affair with the s90es.
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