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help with JUNO-D


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alright i know all you folks have very very EXPENSIVE but high-quality keyboards and hearing someone bringing up the JUNO-D is petty but i just wanna state that i am a "beginner" and i recently purchased a JUNO-D because of its price and organ sounds. i am trying to play around with it but something i cant figure out is if this keyboard can be split or not? i dont mean splitting of the tones but splitting the keyboard in HALF so one half can play a sound and the other half a different one.??? is there a possible way for this
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Don't be ashamed of your Juno-D. It's a nice little keyboard. If you don't need a sequencer or 88 keys and don't mind the lack of aftertouch, then it's not a bad keyboard at all, especially for the price.


I gig with mine (though one day I want something better).


Now, to answer your question -- The split keyboard option doesn't work as well as most would like. All of the sounds have a built in default split. Use the Key Mode Split button to test it out. Most of the time, you'll find you don't like the two sounds together that are chosen for the split. You can create your own patches and edit this split, though I have never done it myself.

Steve (Stevie Ray)

"Do the chickens have large talons?"

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