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One more problem with my bass


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I make 100% sure that i am not touching the other string but when ever i pluck the a string the e string vibrates a litttttttle bit and when i am done witht he song and that was my last note i can still hear the e stringa litttttle bit on my amp
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Your right and left hands should always be muting. When you play the A string,your plucking finger comes to rest on the E, thus keeping it from vibrating.



If you're playing with a pick, you can use the palm of your right hand, or even your left thumb if your not too picky.


Similarly, your left hand should be fairly flat against the stings, unlike a guitar. So, when you're fingering a note on the A string, your left hand is muting the D and G strings. (Not pressing hard, just being slightly in contact.)


I've just assumed you're right handed. If not, just reverse left and right in my description.


BTW, you probably meant to post this in the bass forum, no?

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