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Yamaha PF500 or CP300?


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I did that but they seem pretty similar although one board (PF500) seems 4 years old while the other is brand new. Is the main difference just the quality of the piano sound and some additional ROM and the weels on the CP300? I was hopping that somebody who would have own both of them could talk about how they sound (piano).
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I have never played the PF500 sorry.


Specs wise they seem very similar yes. PF500 is obviously not meant to be lugged around for gigging etc - more of a stay at home piano.


CP300 has some extra voices (50 vs 38, including the new Mono Pianos), presumably the extra ROM and sliders/zone controllers etc.


PF500 has different speakers (Speakers 16cm x 2, 5cm x 2) and comes with the following accessories which the CP300 doesn't have: Keyboard Stand, Music rest, Bench (included or optional depending on region),

Dust Cover (included or optional depending on region)


What's the price difference between the two, any idea?





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I am also trying to decide btw CP300 and PF500. The PF500 has everything I need and I think is better suited for home use (stand and pedals), which is what I want, but the CP300 is a newer model and the piano patch is just a notch better, I would say (besides the most extensive controller features that I don't think I'll ever use)


The thing is that the price I have seen for both models is practically the same (best prices around $2000), and maybe at that price the CP300 is a better buy. The last P250's are selling around $1700 and one would think that the PF500 should be close to that value. I think $1500 is a good price if the piano is in good condition.


Does someone know if the PF500 is to be replaced in a near future? If so, maybe prices will drop a little...





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