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This Is Amazing - and my head hurts!

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oh man. i got me a headache! just spent the entire last two days re-tooling my machine. ignored everyone including girlfriend/work/friends so i could get this done. i added 2 new drives to my mac, and its got a massive speed boost. i donated my old fast scsi audio drive to be the system drive, and 2 new drives are the audio drives. the old system drive was a 4gig 5400rpm quantum, the "new" system drive is a 36.7Gig 7200rpm ibm ultrastar. this drive is SMOKIN! i had to rip out my cd-rom and my zip drive. oh well. i got me a burner externally. i'm not worried about needing a bootable cd-rom, enough room on the new drive for many systems. i can now run 32 tracks of 24bit (before it was 22~) here are some screen shots; [img][/img] [img][/img] i am a happy boy!
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