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Getting SMF into CP300


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Just got myself a CP300 to replace the nasty Casio PX400R. My friend's P250 has a program "FileUtil" for getting files into and out of his P250. No CDROM came with the CP300. Had to download the USB drivers from the web.


Anyone knows how I can get SMF into and out of the CP300?


Many thanks in advance.

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Anyone knows the tech support contact of Yamaha that I can get answers from? Where I'm from, the Yamaha dealers knows nothing about the CP300.


The Grand Piano sample is fantastic. Couldn't really hear the difference String Resonance & Key Off Sampling thingy does though....


The weight, just like the P250, is a huge problem especially if you gig and haven't got roadies to help out....


The sound is only as good as the speakers and amplification you put it through though.

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