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I recently purchased a Korg TR88 (which I love very much) for gigging and recording. This board is great for everything except for synth solos, because of the weighted keys. So I have decided that i need a second keyboard for my synths/organs/etc. I have been looking at the Alesis QS6.2, the Korg X5D, and the Roland Juno-G. Does anyone have any input on these keyboards or other suggestions?
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Korg X5D - Too close in sound to what you already have. Get some variety.


Alesis QS6.2 - Many people here like the Alesis but I would not consider it a good choice for synth solos.


Roland Juno-G - Roland is always a good match with Korg because the keyboards have different strengths. Newer model, more polyphony, computer editor, etc... I would go this route.



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