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Help Please! Casio PX110 vx Yamaha P70


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Help please!


I have spent days reading up on an affordable digital piano, and the more I read, the more confused I get.


Which is better? The PX110 or the Yamaha P70? I've been reading about layered sampling, and listening to the P70, it sounded rather shrill and flat, but maybe it was due to the speakers, maybe because it doesn't have layered sampling. The PX110 felt like it had more depth - maybe because of the tri-element technology. Is this possible? I didn't have the opporutnity to play it for very long, so it's hard to make a decision.


I play a combination of classical and regular contemporary stuff, so no real need for the synth functions or many other sound, and the piano is really just for my bedroom.


I would really appreciate any guidance.





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