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I had a buddy that had an arranger type technics keyboard about 5 years ago. I believe it was a SX-KN570 and it had 16 notes of polyphony. Clueless about the model though. He used to play in a bookstore as a one band and sing. Poor man's karoake. I remeber the sounds were nothing to rave about for that time. I'm not sure if your looking at a newer model but I do remember thinking it sounded average compared most of the stuff out at the time as I wowuld have gotten something different myself. My buddy seemed to like it alot. Hope this helps at least a little.

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You should be able to look it up with Google as well as Sonic State and Harmony Central under the user reviews, to see what pops up.


I bought a very interesting Technics WSA1r on eBay last year. It didn't come with a manual and I haven't found one on-line yet so haven't gotten very far (it hasn't been a priority so I haven't put much time into it, but haven't had much luck with it so far).


It is physically modeled vs. sampled; though it includes some sampling overlays. The few sounds that I have been successful in dialing up have been impressive, musical, and unique. I do not know if this same engine has been used in other keyboards of their or not.


The WSA came out when the market was looking for SAMPLES not analog/physical-modeling/etc., and lots of polyphony. Technics was making an aim for the pro market at that point and then had to give up. The keyboards and racks that they did make during that period are highly thought of. You should look up what people have to say about yours on the web, and also remember that keyboards suffer more maintenance issues over time than rack modules, so caveat emptor!

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