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Beginner - Questions about Yamaha DGX-305


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I'm somewhat of a beginner when it comes to keyboards: I had taken piano lessons for two years and stopped 3 1/2 years ago, started playing again 1/2 a year ago, and have tried writing my own, simple song (one instrument, no hand-eye coordination required).

I recently aquired a Yamaha DGX-305 Keyboard (3 days ago) and I am tooling around with it right now.

My questions (specific to this keyboard):

> How do you select the score of a song on a different track? All I can make it do is select the score of the first track, but that is all. I have searched the manual, and only found one page devoted to viewing the score.

> Are there any SDK's out there for developing a synthesizer with this hardware (preferrably C++)? I am a hobby programmer, and I want to have some practice in this area...

> A slight tick of mine is the flashing of the [PLAY/STOP] button. Is there any discreet option to turn that off, or change it in some way?


And more to come... (Sorry to sound like a complete newb)

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My suggestion is to hook your DGX via midi or usb if it has it to a computer and use a computer program like midi notate to open and see the score.


As for the flashing light don't know what to tell you, maybe duc-tape ;)

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