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Any recommendations on a UPS?

Dan South

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My APC BackPro 1400 UPS got hot this weekend and smelled as though something was buring inside. Maybe it took a lightning surge. I had the same problem with my previous APC UPS about two years ago.


So...I'm looking for a new UPS for all of my gear. Any suggestions???


Thanks in advance!!!

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Yup. I have been using APC UPS devices for years.


I've been told that when the battery finally dies, don't get another battery, get another UPS. The reason for this is that the surge protection circuitry takes hits all day long and its lifespan is finite. So it's better to get a new UPS.


As for other brands, I just don't know. It looks like APC has got the bulk of the consumer marketspace.


I like the fact that my unit connects to the serial port of my PC and works with Windows XP to shut down or hibernate the computer after a user-definable time. Otherwise, if I'm not at home and a blackout happens, the computer dies once the battery runs out.


At work, we've all got special outlets in our offices that are controlled by a giant UPS system. I've heard them fire it up for testing. It sounds like the engine of a jet plane. Of course, you need something this big to keep the mainframes/servers and everybody's office PC running during a blackout.


Sorry Dan. I know I haven't helped you much. :rolleyes:



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Gas, you are ALWAYS helpful!




P.S. I listened to the complete Citizen Steely Dan set yesterday while driving for hours through heavy rain. Wow, that's good stuff (the Dan, not the rain)!

The Black Knight always triumphs!


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We use several brands at work. Rather than recommend a brand I will just give some tips.


Don't bother paying more for a system with easily replaceable batteries. When the time comes it can be very hard to find the correct replacement battery. Even then, replacements cost as much as a new UPS. I think this is mainly due to distributors pushing a lot of UPS units and very few replacement batteries.


Size does matter. I've found that some companies offer small units that have the same battery specs as much larger units. These small batteries seem to loose their rating very fast. A thirty minute rating on these small units may only hold true for a couple months.


Test your unit when you set it up. Sometimes you have things plugged into an outlet that does not go through the battery, and sometimes you just get a bad unit and the first time the power blinks you loose your data.


Test every month. The batteries in some units last for 2 years while others may fail after 6 months. I recently tested 12 units in my office ranging from 6 to 24 months old. My test method was to boot the computers and put the UPS' under normal working load, then unplug the unit from the wall outlet. Four of the units failed, causing the computer to loose power immediately with no time to save or shut down. 33% failure rate is not good. Now we test every other month.



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