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Anyone Have A Technics sx P50?

Lucas L

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Hi Lucas,


First of all, welcome to the Keyboard Corner forum! You'll like it here. :)


I found the technical specs for your SX P50 on a Technics website. They give the model number of the AC adapter as SY-AD8 (10V DC).


Panasonic make this power supply unit for Technics apparently. You can purchase one directly from Panasonic at:



Good luck!





P.S. If you want to bodge up your own power supply, you'll need a 10V DC at 1A power supply with the right plug soldered on it. If you need help finding a power unit that will do this, let me know, I'm sure I can help there.

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Thanks Dave- I can already tell this is where I should have been five years or so ago! Quick replys.


What I was really interested in doing, without any potential damage to my keyboard, was going to radio shack and getting the right voltage and correct milliamperage because they have the interchangeable pins there for almost any size. I think it's ridiculous that Technics charges over $60 for those adapters--so, the $20 radio shack one is what I'm interested in.


What's the mA for that keyboard?

Thanks again- LL

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1A = 1000mA, so you need a 10V/1000mA power supply.


The specs for the piano are that it draws 7Watts when active. 7W from a 10V supply rail means it will take 7/10 = 0.7A or 700mA. Providing a power supply with a 700mA rating will get you into trouble for sure - it needs to have some headroom, that's why I said get a 1A model (1000mA).


I'm sure RS have something that will do.


Good luck,


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