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I've got GAS...but for good reason


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Okay guys...I seriously need your help. Currently, I'm in the process of putting together a rock/funk/pop fusion project. Right now, I have a legitimate setup but I need to expand. I have clearance from the better half to invest in about $1500 of equipment over the next 3 months or so. After 3 months, I expect the project to begin playing out. Anyways, my role as keyboardist (the performer) is to provide complex polyrhythms, similar to 70's jazz fusion, and provide rockin leads & melodies which are innovative and classic. What I need to do is evaluate what I have to spend versus what I need and etc. I would really like to get a new board, but I'm not sure if that's the right investment. My Ensoniq MR76 is reliable and I use it for piano, clav, and other elec piano sounds. I send this through my Earthquake wah to provide that extra punch, which covers up the somewhat cheezy clav patches. I run a M-Audio 88 controller through a Motif rack for my lead & organ patches. My amp is a Beringer 120 Amp. Other effects are M300 and DiscumBOBulator. I have room for two more racks, if I decide to go that route. With this said, what suggestions would you guys have? Here's what I'm wanting to accomplish, if possible with my budget: better organ sounds & simulation; new or used synth board (which might be just for organ or used as a 2nd lead board); or sell my Mr-76 and invest into an updated synth; improve my amplification- either new amp or amp modular; just more flexibility in my setup period.

I'm sorry if this is not the best questions or information, but I am having troubles getting started. I'm sure i can steered in the right direction.

Play only what you hear within...if you hear nothing, play nothing at all

My Gear: Motif; Ensoniq MR-76; Suitcase Rhodes; Earthquake MKII Pedal; DiscomBOBulator; PodXT

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