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Yamaha MW USB Mixer


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I was in Sam Ash the other day and ran into a Yamaha MW USB Mixer. It looked great to me because it had USB. Unfortunately, I wish they would have added a Midi Interface to it. Then it would be awesome, assuming the $150.00 or so price tag that I saw at Sam Ash.


It comes with Cubase LE, but I already have Cubase SE, so hopefully it would be compatible with that.


Does anyone have any suggestions about a mixer that attaches via USB has 8 line inputs, two of which are mic grade and have a Midi Interface with it, that would work with Cubase SE. It should also have a headphone jack and a stereo out for studio monitors.


Currently I use my Fostex 8HD as a make shift mixer and send the stereo out to a Tascam US-122, which goes into my laptop via USB. It would be so nice to be able to move the faders on the mixer and send data to cubase to move the software faders.


Oh yeah I forgot to mention I'm a budget minded musician.



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