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Squeaky Acoustic Pedal . . . .


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My acoustic's habit of squeaking when I depress the sustain pedal isn't too annoying when I'm jamming some good ol' rock n' roll . . . but when it comes to a nice soft lyrical piece that needs to be pedalled on each beat ala Air On The G String . . . well, you get the picture. :D


What do I use to lube it, and where do I apply the lube. (get your mind out the gutter!)

Amateur Hack
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Get down on your knees and listen.


Find out exactly where the squeak originates.


If it is caused by wood rubbing wood, I'd use some wax between the two - perhaps even rubbing an old candle on both pieces would help.


Another solution is to use a small, thin piece of felt, depending on the area that is squeaking.


If you must use a drop of oil, don't use too much. If you do, it may run out onto the floor or carpet.


There's nothing worse than a squeaky sustain pedal... unless it's a squeaky kick drum pedal... or a drunken woman with stringy hair, a wart on her nose, and a bad meth habit who staggers into your studio with a tambourine. :eek::freak::rolleyes:


Can I get a witness? :cool:




"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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Originally posted by poly:

I'm a piano tuner.

Your problem is most likely coming from one of two spots.

1.)The pedal 'pin' which holds the pedal to the floor bracket. Use a little 3 in 1 oil...work the pedal and see it if stops.

If it doesn't stop, then it's probably in

sorry about that...trigger finger ;)


2.)If it's still squeaking, then it's probably in the sutain rod mechanism which runs in back of the action.

You'll most likely have to call a tuner for this.


"Is There Gas In The Car" also makes a good point if it's the wooden dowels rubbing against one another.

let us know how you make out.


Larry B



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