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Add to the Musicians Wiki.


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I saw this page when browsing the Wikipedia site, I figured this would be great for all of the knowledgeble musicians on this forum (*cough* Dave Horne *cough*)

I'm sure you all get tired of repeating yourselves all the time. This would be a great resource like the main page says "for musicians who would like to share their knowledge without having to make their own site"


Here's the link Musicians Wiki

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Loufrance, how's that cough? :)


Wiki - been there, done that. There is an article there about equal tempered tuning and the sharps and flats could not be seen on my computer (PC, latest version of IE) nor on a friend's computer (Apple), so I edited the page. There's a 'discussion' page for each article where you can share your comments and edits.


I do get tired of repeating myself all the time. You wouldn't believe the number of times I type in a response and not send it.

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


In general, harmonic complexity is inversely proportional to the ratio between chording and non-chording instruments.


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