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C J Hoffman

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Hey Farhan,

It was nice to meet you at NAMM. I'm the Las Vegas guy who md's a show at the RIo

Just got my receptor yesterday.

I know you guys must be sick of the barrage of Ivory inquiries, But is there anything you can tell us? I really need to get Ivory OFF my imac.

-Christopher Hoffman


Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2006 3:09 pm reply with quote

Nice meeting you too Chris..I remember you..Infact i was telling folks here that i have free tickets to the Rio show


Yes, we have fixed the issues i was mentioning to you at NAMM. Its going through the final testing. Synthogy is receiving a receptor with Ivory in the next couple of days for their final test. So i would say its very close, maybe matter of days..


Thanks all for your patience. Its worth it..



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