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Who believes in NEWS?

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Sorry, Tron, but I couldn't vote on this one. Both the TV news and the newspapers cover such a wide breadth of information, you'd have to be more specific. For example, I might think the network news and local outlets might broadcast major stories based on whatever information they recieve from several sources. And might in fact report intentionally distorted "facts" either intentionally or unwittingly. And I'd reserve that notion on news stories regarding government acts and statements. But, there would be no reason for either paper or electronic media to purposely distort news about other world events such as mass murder, earthquakes, lawsuits and the usual host of mundane and maudlin human interest stories. Narrow it down then, Tron. Whitefang
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There's only 4 news outlets worth one's time: the Business section of the paper, the sports section, the comics, and the daily TV weather report. There's Jay Leno's monologue, but that's not really a news outlet. I'll bet it's less biased than the coverage about Iraq taken from White House press releases, though...
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