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Looks pretty darn cool. I've been thinking of upgrading my S90 to the S90ES, but the change in size and need for a new case kills me. Looks like the MO8 may be the same dimensions as the S90, so it could be a good update to move from S90 to MO8 to get the additional sounds, knob controllers, sequencing.


The wall wart annoys me. Also, it looks like the MO8 may not have aftertouch?


Also, the silver color is not my first choice. But I guess it go well with my red Electro! :D




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ya know if they would of simply just put there best piano into this thing... I would of finally thought very positive about a new product for once... It would of made it an excellent alternate choice of whats out there....


heck I might even of seriously considered buying one.... alhough it just hit me,.. for a few bucks more then a Motif ES Rack,.. you can get one of these....


although of course theres less sounds, no sampler, etc...and then Id need to make room for another board.... which in the end might be my only choice to have everything I want (preferably out of one board though)


I just cant win....

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