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Kawai MP9000 - OS 1.51(en), 1.52(en) or 1.51(de)?


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I have a question about Kawai MP9000 digital piano. I purchased one back in 1999 and its operating system needs updating. I know all the steps for the process, but I'm puzzled with different versions of OS. :confused: Is the version 1.52 ( http://www.kawaius-tsd.com/downloads/MP9k%20v152.zip ) only cumulative or does it contain also the fixes in 1.51 ( http://www.kawaius-tsd.com/downloads/MP151.ZIP )? Offering both refers to cumulative.


Then there's also one version on Kawai.de ( http://www.kawai.de/?Page=Downloads&lang=1 ). It's 1.51, but it has different contents as far as pure data is concerned. Kawaius-tsd's download page ( http://www.kawaius-tsd.com/pages/downloads.html ) has a link to a corrupt OS 1.51 file ( http://www.kawaius-tsd.com/downloads/MP151.ZIP ), that's why I use http://www.kawaius.com/downloads/MP151.zip on http://www.kawaius.com/download.htm.


I've emailed to kawaius-tsd, but there has been no reply.


TIA (if you can sort this for me)! :)


Sizes of the mid files imply that OS 1.52 (en) (F84U.MID) is indeed only cumulative update.


MP151.zip (en) - MP9U_F79.MID - 593309 bytes

MP9k v152.zip (en) - F84U.MID - 287133 bytes

mp9k1_51.zip (de) - mp9kv1_51.mid - 593309 bytes


MAJOREDIT: I mixed up incremental update with cumulative update, man I'm embarrassed. Should I say I got pwned (by myself or someing). So just replace those "cumulative" words with "incremental" and it should make some sense. :D


Anyway, to the business. I got an reply from kawaius:


"You can load just the latest version, as it will contain all the

previous changes. I've attached it here for you.





Troy Reigleman / Product Specialist

Kawai America Corp.

(800) 421-2177 / (310) 631-1771


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