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Yamaha MSR400 monitors

Unsound Practices

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I played them with a Nord Electro and a Roland FP5. I cannot recommend them. They are not very powerful and they reminded me of Fender Passport speakers.

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Ive had "some" interest in these speakers as well,.. there seems to be NO reviews on the net anywhere about them..... which seems odd to me......


i did hear them real quick at GC, they sounded ok... but always hard to tell at GC with all the noise.. I do agree with Jazz+ though that they didnt seem like they had alot of power.... im sure they would be fine for at home or for small applications,..but im not convinced they would hold up well against screaming guitars in a larger application...


the price seemed decent and they seem durable.. there doesnt seem to really be alot of real good speakers in that price range.... i tried the Mackie srm350's and was not impressed at all.... the lower end of my 700sx rattled the hell out of them.. i thought for sure being that they were "mackie" that they would handle almost anything and sound good.... NOT.... i didtn try the 450's but read alot of unhappy reviews online about them...


I hear alot of good about the EV's but i cant seem to find them around here to listen to...

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