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On the subject of Perfect/Absolute Pitch...

Sven Golly

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I was just leafing through the latest "International Musician" magazine (it's the union rag, for those not in the union), I came across the following in the classified section:


From the September 2005 International Musician, p.29:



The University of California

Genetics of Absolute Pitch Study

is recruiting volunteer subjects.


To learn more about the study and to participate, visit


or contact us at 1-888-TUNEDIN or ppitch@itsa.ucsf.edu

Given the recent resurfacing of this topic, and the fact that I recall someone asking whether a University-level study had been/was being done, this might be of interest.


I have no affiliation with this, just came across it and thought others might be interested.




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FYI, the UCSF study is focusing on a genetic component to absolute pitch, so they're particularly interested in people with absolute pitch "in the family." What do you say, folks? Care to step up and volunteer you and your sister?


This, by the way is not the first absolute pitch research that Jane Gitschier and Nelson Freimer have collaborated on, and far from the first serious research into the subject. If you're interested in knowing facts (rather than urban myths) about absolute pitch, Google and/or any library with a good selection of journals in psychology or psycomusicology will have you reading for a long time.


Larry (who helped pay for music school by working in a university psychomusicology lab!).

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Originally posted by iLaw:

What do you say, folks? Care to step up and volunteer you and your sister?


There's something not-quite-right going on here.


Funny that it has nothing to do with Paris Hilton, Sheep, and/or Sven Golly. :eek:


Of course, I could be wrong. ;)

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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