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Ypp-50 is giving me a lesson.


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When I first started to play keys, I wanted a keyboard I could keep at work and play when I wasn't busy (Don't ask, I 'm on call a lot)So I found a 76 key Yamaha Ypp-50 used at a good price. It also made for a controller for the Motif Rack. I also own the P-200.


Lately I have been leaving the P-200 at our rehearsal spot to avoid lugging it back and forth. So I have to play the ypp-50 at home

I love the P-200s action , but the Ypp- 50 is more like synth keys. Very bouncy and responsive.


Even though I would rather play the P-200 , the Ypp- 50 is the one that probably improves my technique the most. You have to be extremely precise when you play to get it to sound clean. If you glance over the key next to the intended key it will probably play that note. The P200 is more forgiving and you might get away with it. The Ypp50 demands clean chording ,and precise fingerings and tempo for your playing to sound correct. The keys just seem so bouncy . Maybe its just my big ham hands and heavy style. :)


Anyway, even though I love the wieghted keys, I think playing those bouncy ,pesky synth keys really helps me concentrate and won't let me get away with bad technique.





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