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New fav patch !


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Hey guys

I'm a relative newbie to synths, but I'm picking up the creating process pretty well. I've got some cool leads, as well as different sounding pads,etc. that I've come up with. But my fav is currently the one I call my "get the hell outta here" patch. Remember Edgar Winter's Frankenstien? The wierd part in the middle that sounds like some kind of machine powering down? My "gthoh" patch sounds like that, only like it's being screamed through a throat full of broken glass. What's the use of that, you say? It's this. When I'm trying to write or practice something and it seems like one of those days when the rest of the world was just put here to bother ME, I turn my amp up high, select my patch, set the portamento to a REAL slow decsent, touch two keys-first the highest, then lowest, and sit back and marvel at the exodus! By the time the patch finishes one downward cycle I'm the only living thing left in that house. Even the dog hauls ass! And I'm left blissfully alone (for a little while at least) to concentrate on REAL music. And I lmao!!!


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Originally posted by joethebaddog:

Even the dog hauls ass!

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