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Noah and Cubase incompatability troubles

Tom Fiala

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Any Noah / Cubase users out there who can help me?


I recently took my Noah from my live rig into the studio, where I've got Cubase SX 3 running on a new PC. Midi interface is the Midisport 8x8.


Noah behaves well without Cubase running, although it does tend to "hang" on notes fairly frequently, requiring a midi notes off / reset.


When I get Cubase running, it tends to crash repeatedly after recording less than 16 bars of a track with the Noah playing. It doesn't crash with any other hardware synth or softsynth.


I usually have the remote Noah software running simultaneously with Cubase.


Any suggestions? I suspect there must be some midi parameter than I need to change - but I'll be darned if I can find it.



Tom F.

"It is what it is."

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I've heard some people say that they solved their problems making sure that the USB connection happens on a USB controller (on the MOBO) that doesn't share other devices...if you have the mouse or something else, expecially MIDI interfaces on the same USB controller of Noah that will bring problems. That's a common problem for all demanding USB devices. Check also if IRQ's are shared between Noah's USB port and other devices.

Guess the Amp

.... now it's finished...

Here it is!



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I remember something over at cubase.net where it was said that some devices which constantly send MIDI time code or MIDI sync messages would crash Cubase SX 3. This could be your problem.


However, as far as I remember this has been fixed in recent Cubase SX 3 releases. Do you have the latest Cubase SX 3 update installed?


If you have but the problem remains, have a look into your Noah's configuration whether it is possible to disable sending out MIDI sync messages. This should help.

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