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OT... service from Amazon

Dave Horne

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I ordered two books as a wedding gift (along with a check) for my niece. The books arrived here (in the Netherlands) and both have glued bindings. These were from the Eyewitness Travel Guide series; my wife and I have ten or so (all sewn bindings). Before I ordered from Amazon I went to the publisher's web site to confirm that there is only one type of each book that exists. They only offered one of each type. I have since complained to the publisher and even called to London. I also wrote two e-mails to Amazon to complain.


I received an e-mail from Amazon today and they are refunding the entire amount to my credit card. Excellent service.


I had an issue with Amazon in the past where the book arrived but was slightly damaged. They also refunded the full amount. I wrote back suggesting that a $5 discount would be more than fair. It wasn't possible, that had to refund the full amount. I try to be a good customer - when things go well, I praise and when things don't go well, I complain.


I have learned a lesson - in the future I will buy more books from my local store. I can explain in advance what kind of binding I want and if the wrong one comes in I won't buy it.


Doesn't anyone else get annoyed at paying $25 for a book with a glued binding? I realize paperback books are printed that way, but my library has paperbacks with sewn bindings. I'd gladly pay more for better quality.

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