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What to buy?


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Greetings and happy holidays to one and all!


I am the music director of a local synagogue and we are in the market to purchase a new keyboard. I've been using my own personal gear (Korg T-2 and Kurzweil SP-88 plus midi modules) for every gig and recording session (our 12-piece dance banc is recording its first CD!) and now the Cantor wants to purchase a keyboard so that we have one in-house that I and other people can use.


For the most part, the biggest sound requirements (in order) are authentic acoustic and electric piano sounds, strings, organs. Of course, feel is important too! Because of our financial constraints, I've been looking at the Yamaha P90 and P120 as well as the Roland RD-170. I'm looking for some good advice on this purchase since I have to do this right the first time. Please feel free to chime in with first-hand experience with any of these pianos, as well as recommendations for anything I should be looking at instead.


Thanks . . . Marty

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The Roland Rd170 is more of an "entry level" piano compared to the P90. No lie. Roland has the RD700 which is their top of the line stage piano, but some players complain the sustain is too short on the acoustic piano samples. Roland is due for a new RD series piano at Winter NAMM, so if there's a Roland in your future, wait until the 3rd week in January to see what's new. Personally, I think the P90 is a rock solid Yamaha KB and you'll get years of service out of it. Good sounds, nice action, reliable.


Mike T.

Yamaha Motif ES8, Alesis Ion, Prophet 5 Rev 3.2, 1979 Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase 73 Piano, Arp Odyssey Md III, Roland R-70 Drum Machine, Digitech Vocalist Live Pro. Roland Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-1.


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Thanks, Mike. I made a road trip to my local Guitar Center and A/B'd the P90 and the RD170, and I think I'm going to buy a Yamaha S08. It seemed to have the same tone banks as the P90, but will give me enough of the other sounds I normally use to help reduce shlepping my keyboards to smaller gigs. Any thoughts on this axe?



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