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I got a P-60 for Xmas


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Hurrah! I got a brand new Yamaha P-60 for Xmas to my shocking surprise :eek: - My parents new i wanted to play, but i didn't even ask for a keyboard for Christmas, let alone a Yamaha P-60. I guess it's a good way to get started (i'm a beginner), it's a very nice keyboard as you probably know.


Hrm...now what to do :P - I guess i'll just start playing. I suppose i should learn some things before i get into any bad habbits. I'm probably not going to get any piano lessons from a Teacher, so i'll just have to do the best i can learning for free, having the computer here leads me to many resources.

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Shouldn't i be able to learn everything on the internet by now? ;)


Maybe someone can help me,

I'm having trouble getting this thing to work with Midi in/Out. I got some VST instruments on here and i can't get them to play using the keyboard, i installed the drivers for it an such, but i can't figure out how to get it to play VSTs. I can play them by clicking them, so it's not the software's fault. It's going in via USB and i have an Audigy 2 ZS.


Does this look right?:


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you usually have 'midi preferences' type stuff within the softsynth or sequencer program you have to set also.


i'm not familiar with 'Minihost', but just took a quick look at it at KVR. on the upper bar, the third clickable item is 'midi'.

did you click on that and then set up your input?

also, there may be a similar 'setup' item on whatever softsynth you're trying to use - good luck.

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Originally posted by ropeadope:

Didn't know the midi in/out connectors go in the opposite out/in ports.

Remember Murphy's law for MIDI:


"No matter how much attention you put into it - in the end, you'll always discover to have connected the wrong cable to the wrong connector of the wrong device".


Pardon my shaky re-translation into English, but you get the idea. :D

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