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yamaha cs6x??? opinions???

s webb

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I don't have any lasting experience with it but it's a fine synth, like a baby S80 without the better grand pianos and hammer action. The Quick Edit panel is very handy, and the filters and effects are top notch. It could really use some expansions, like Yamaha's excellent and very affordable piano and synth boards, and then it becomes a true beast to be reckoned with.
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Been out of loop these past few months here...


I have one, have had since it was released. I have it loaded with the PF and AN cards.


It's a great synth, I think. It's my main axe, which I take to gigs (I rather take the pc88mx for piano gigs, but for the occasional pop piano the PF card works great). It covers all the bases, and does it really well, I think. I can edit/program patches pretty quick with it. Some people bitch about the O/S, I never had a problem with it. The knobs are a must, I use them ALL the time for quick adjustments.


My dislikes? The note stealing algorithm is really nasty, I have to be careful when I program splits and such. Filter sweeps can sound a bit harsh sometimes with the filter knob. I think it's a bit limited in number of patches.


I haven't had any realability problems, but some people have commented on problems with one of the rotary encoders.


I've posted before with more detailed opinions, so search for previous threads.


The keybed used to bug me, but I got used to it.

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