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Roland XP-30 pitch bend not working even after factory reset.


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If I set the bend to the right at it's max of an octave, it will only go up in 11 steps not the whole octave of 12 steps:love: :love::thu: I did a factory default settings reset and went into the pitch menue to make sure the ranges were not negative or whatever the hell.


So I went to Roland's website and eventhough they made like 999999 keyboards, they only have updates for like 10, 6 of which are different variations of the fantom. no xp-30

The pitch bend thing worked fine but somehow one day it is messed up.

Anyone know how to fix this?

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I would guess that the mechanical potentiometer is worn out ( "bad paddle") as someone sugested or the register that reads/stores the digitized value of the pitch bend is fried. This could be so even if certain values of pitch bend do work which would indicate only some faulty "bits" to or in that register. It's certainly worth opening up and seeing if there is a cable that goes from the pitch bend paddle to the electronic circuitry. If there is it could be dirty contacts on that cable. Roland is or at least used to be good at providing service manuals for their equipment so you may want to start with that if you're doing it yourself. Even if you bring it to someone for repair, having the service manual in hand would help expedite the repair.

Good luck.

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