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Great Tube mic for lower range Male rock vocs??

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Hi, I have heard great things about many tube mics: Manley, soundelux, Lawson, Neumann...and yes Rode. The NTK has been said, in reviews, that it holds it's own against others costing a lot more. I am interested in hearing from people who've used them and some of the considered "high-end" tube mics and opinions on both. My application would be rock male vocals in lower ranges somewhere in the realm of Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots and maybe a little bit of Rob Zombie thrown in. My preamp is a Vintech X73 if that helps. Is the NTK a serious competitor of the big boys without the big price tag or is it a really good mic.........for the money? I appreciate all feedback. Thanks, Steve
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The ntk has a tendency towards annoying brightness. To others, that is perceived as "a convenient top end boost," so you'll have to decide for yourself. It doesn't really stand out as any better than the myriad of other cheap tube mics. Of the lower priced tube mics, a 4060 is probably you're best bet, but that's around $1000. The studio projects T3 has gotten great feedback as well. If I was you though, I would look at "non tube" models, and get my "tube-osity" from a vocal compressor.

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