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Semi-OT: Nova Musik visited on campaign trail by synth-loving candidates


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I received my monthly Nova Musik email newsletter today. It had some humorous nods towards the campaign:


**Presidential Visit** October 2004- President George W. Bush visited Nova Musik in early October!!! The President was quoted as saying, "those guys were pretty cool and not a liberal among the bunch". He continued, "I especially liked being able to check out the Lead3 and tweak it against the Monomachine. I found the SID Station emulation in there to be quite accurate. I couldn't find any aliasing at the upper end of either synth." We were blown away, and wouldn't you know it - he didn't pay any taxes!
**John Kerry's Visit** John Kerry, not to be outdone, visited Nova Musik earlier this month as well. Once he heard that President Bush was gaining mass amounts of insider knowledge into music technology; Kerry simply had to visit Nova Musik for himself.


Upon leaving our store, Senator Kerry commented, "the staff at Nova seemed to really have gathered a lot of intelligence on hard disk recording." But, he continued, "How can we trust this intelligence? If I am elected President I will make sure that we spend at least $200 billion dollars towards gathering more intelligence data on MIDI, MP3 encoding, 5.1 surround and better dithering technologies. My opponent never showed an urgency to gather information on dithering and now the terrorists seem to have found some of their own algorithms and a compression scheme for audio. This won't happen on my watch."


No waffling there. Better dithering means better audio. Choose or lose.

I enjoyed these quite a bit and thought you folks would as well.




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I think Nova typically sells at MAP pricing. Any dealer can give you that price. If you want lower prices, PM me and I'll give you the name of the dealer and a contact there that, from my experience, has the lowest prices in the country.


Mike T.

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