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M-Audio 61es ? from a non-keyboardist.


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I saw the following post in another thread and want to ask a question regarding the 61es.


First the original post:


"I played the 61es at the Apple Store today. I liked the action. Much more resistance than the ubiqitous, cheap, unweighted controllers. Standard piano-style keys (waterfall with a lip, if you will). Felt excellent for playing clavs, rhodes and even hammond sounds . Still a very quick keyboard. $199 retail."


Now my question(s):


I'm doing a recording project with my church and have purchased a little Yamaha P60 for the our pianist to play and also an M-Audio 61es with the hopes of letting the organist use it to record MIDI data which I will then run through something like Native's B4.


Is there a "volume" type pedal that will plug into the 61es so the organist can use it for swells, quiet passages etc.?


If not, how can I/we accomplish this?



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The 61es has no volume pedal jack, but does have a volume slider on the front left panel. You could get a MIDI pedalboard from Digitech or Behringer that would do the job, but I personally have no firsthand experience with any of them so I can't give you any recommendations.


The M-Audio Pro-88 does have a volume jack and sliders that you can program to mimic Hammond drawbars. See the post on the 88es for info that the Pro-88 keyboard problems may be solved with the next batch...you would have to play one in person to find out for sure.

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As stated above, the 61es doesn't have a volume pedal input, only sustain, but the volume slider works pretty well. I have not yet got my Behringer FCB1010 to work to control volume on my modules. But in that kind of senario you need a midi merger (like Midi Solutions Midi merger units) from the Behringer on one midi input and the 61es on the other, feeding to your midi in on your modules.



Hammond T-582A, Casio WK6600, Behringer D
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