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S90 MIDI question


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Originally posted by pardojeff:

Hey all,


I'm wondering how I can assign the mod wheel to a footswitch in the S90 so I can control the organ leslie effect with a footswitch instead of the mod wheel. If any of you know, help is appreciated. Thanks!



I am not familiar with the S90 but until someone comes along with exact details, here are some general principles that work on other synths.


There are usually two ways to do this:


1/ Make the footswitch transmit ("transmit" even though its internal) on the mod wheel channel. This will usually be a global config thing.


2/ Assign the appropriate control input of the Leslie effect (usually fast/slow) to the footswitch. This might mean actually assigning the physical pedal, or it might mean assigning the channel the pedal is transmitting on.


Note that it is better to assign the footswicth rather than making the footswitch look to the synth like a mod-wheel. If you do the latter and do not de-assign the mod wheel, any mod wheel noise would override the foot-pedal setting.


BTW, you probably will want a latching pedal (such as the Boss FS5L) for this. Sustain pedals are unlatching (latching means they change state when you push them, not just while you push them). Some units (like the VK8) however are set up to use unlatching pedals.

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I know this is old but I here it is. I prefer a latching switch and so Im using a simple Peavey footswitch that came with a PA head to turn reverb on and off. All you are doing is routing all the Rotary Effects (Leslie) to the footswitch instead of the Mod Wheel (MW). Heres how. Plug the footswitch into Footswitch/Assignable (next to Sustain). Save an Organ Patch to a User Patch then edit it. Hit Edit (Common) then hit F4 (CTL SET) then SF1. This gets you to where the Rotary effects are assigned, and all are routed to Mod Wheel by default. Each organ patch can have multiple Rotary effects assigned to the Mod Wheel. Some have more than others, but you need to reassign them all. To see them all continue on through SF2 and SF3. Everywhere you see MW can be where a Rotary effect is routed to MW. Look at effect name. Just spin the thumb wheel to reassign them all to FS88. You can test all this as you go and before you hit Save. Once you have it working hit Save and Rename patch if you like. Another way to do this to use an FS7 pedal (like a Sweeping Volume Pedal) plugged into Foot Controller 1 or 2. All else is same, except route mod wheel to FC1 or FC2 respectively. But simple latching seems much better to me. You can also edit Rotary effects here to taste, depth/intensity of both hi and lo Leslie for example. Which is cool. Anyway its great to finally play two-hand and switch Rotary. Enjoy.
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