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MIDINES - midi interface cart for the 8bit NES


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MIDINES is a midi interface cart for the 8bit nintendo that allows midi cc control of all the nes's audio/synth sound registers


mp3 sound examples are here:



detailed midi nfo's and the manual here:



general overview:



if you have any questions feel free to post,

also commonly asked questions are listed here:



if your interested in getting crazy unique sounds midines might be the fresh option to chkout, as you can modulate all midi params at high speed, (can handle 999+bpm no prob) and the warm 80's IC analog sounds



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thanks for the moral supports :P


I guess nes is just for geeks


the RCA jacks are a custom modification, the two outs are actually a seperation of the pulse channels and tri+noise+sample channels.


If your into DIY hardware mods and hacks here are a few pic's you can get the parts at fry's or radio shack and mod your own nes, super easy mod 2,





they are not stereo but actually a mod that pulls audio off the 2a03 cpu pins, essentially providing two seperate outs


here is an example of the seperate lines,



the switch is to bridge them because depending on whether they are bridged at that stage you can emphasize either the pulse or the sample+triangle+noise channel on the normal rca audio mix out

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