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good cheap patch editor?


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Can anyone recommend a good cheap generic patch editor? One that either supports MR76 or is configurable to?


The MR76 came with a mail-in offer to get MOTU Unisyn, but I didn't have a PC interface at the time, and then Ensoniq got sold, and MOTU no longer even has a Windows version of Unisyn (or so it seems from their website). Not that I want to spend $200 for it anyway!


I'm willing to do some work to get my synth supported on the software, if necessary.


Thanks :)

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IMO best choice for a very cheap (e.g. free) patch editor for PC would have to be the demo version of MidiQuest. Supports just about every synth out there. The demo is only crippled in that it shuts down on you every 45 minutes, (but never permanently times out); and patch banks can't be saved to your computer's hard disk. Other than that, you can use it to load in patch banks from your synth, edit any patch, and save the patch via your synth control panel. Very nice interface, supports even the most obscure synths. Go download it at their site: MidiQuest Demo
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