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repair/replace JX3p mother board


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I have a Roland JX3P and the mother board just crapped out. I know it's the mother board because I took it to a repair man and he checke it out right in front of me and told me the bad news.


Does anybody know of a source for these parts or a person who would be willing to repair it for me? I live in LA.



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Does anybody know of a source for these parts
What parts? All the parts on the "mother" board?

Sorry for your misfortune. If you can not get it isolated down to a particular part or parts on the mother board then I would recommend ebay for a replacement or perhap a non-working unit cheap that you could use for parts. What is the board doing? Does it make any sound at all? Is it the digital control of the board not working or the analog sound generator? Telling someone that the mother board is bad is almost as useful as saying the keyboard is bad. Find a tech that can tell you what part is bad. Then you can search it on the web.


Sorry - I know this sucks.

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I think you may be better off trying to buy another JX3P rather than investing in the fix. You can get them for around $100 used. If you had two of them, one could be cannibalized for parts as needed. Try to hunt down and pay for lots of internal parts separately will be difficult and expensive.




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the problem is that the thing comes on for a few minutes then shuts off and wont come back on. It's not really acting consistant either.


I had a technichian tear it open in front of me and he replaced some parts in the power supply that usually go bad. That wasn't it. He's a good guy and we were just hanging at his house. He told me that is was most likely a capacitor on the mother board. He said he would have to go through each one of them to find the bad one. I counted 60 of them. He might get lucky and it would be one of the first ones or it could be the last one. Theres no way of knowing. His suggestion was to simply aquire another motherboard and switch it. He showed me how to do that and he didn't charge for the investigating he did for me which was about 45 minutes work. Nice guy.


I hope this information helps. thanks.

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