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At long last - Cable and VOIP!

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After too many years, I finally hooked up, and am cruising at 8.5MBps. It's gonna be hard to go back if funds ever get tight!


I'm also using Optimum Online's VOIP as my main home telephone now. Not bad, actually. It's almost as good as a standard Verizon line, though it's got a noise floor of white noise that is not loud, but audible.


What's cool is how you can get your voicemails online or as e-mails. And $35 for unlimited US-Canada ain't bad either.


VOIP is going to be absolutely huge in a few years. My uncle is the main Toshiba dealer on the east coast, and it is amazing what is happening with businesses and VOIP. A company gets phones with unique IP addresses for each, and you can actually go on a trip to Africa (as my uncle just did) and take a phone with you, and you are an extension at work - only in Africa!


If someone rings the door and has to be buzzed in - you can do it from 3,000 miles away, no sweat. That is just amazing!

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