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OT: The Machine


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I just saw this band last night, free show. www.themachinelive.com -

they're a pink floyd cover band, I'm not sure if I had heard of them before. I said to my friend before they started "I really hope they do this well" because with music like Floyd, if somebody is going to dare cover it, it better be *ON* or I'll be forced to leave :-) They were *exactly* on.. it was quite impressive, all the nuances, it was all there. impeccable time and feel.


Anyway, I kept staring at the keyboard rig! This dude had like 3 or 4 boards stacked up with a huge rack of blinking lights next to him and a couple of 12" or 15" speakers on pole stands as his monitors.


I'm wondering if any of you know anything about this guys rig?



"You look hopefully for an idea and then you're humble when you find it and you wish your skills were better. To have even a half-baked touch of creativity is an honor."

-- Ernie Stires, composer

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