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An Elka EK-22 in very good condition for $130 (800 kr) - okay?


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I finally saw an Elka Ek22 for sale in Denmark at an obscure web classifieds section for 1200 kr ($195) - I managed to negotiate the price down to 800kr ($130) and now I'm left with the notion of not knowing if I, a softstudio "boffin", really need another Italian analog polysynth - but something deep inside me craves another piece of hardware - I think I've good a fairly decent price on it - and it's supposedly pretty easy to program (I've read the manual too) and the possibilities, programmability-wise, should be on par with a Prophet-600 and a Matrix-6, roughly.. (and together with my old beloved Bit 99 it would make the perfect 80's italo disco set, I imagine.. :D )

So - what do you think?


Oh, here it is..







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I wouldn't do that. I mean, the price is good, but the Elka EK-22 is a crappy instrument in my opinion. It has *nothing* to do with the Synthex, it's more similar to an Akai AX-60 (which I also hate!) in tone. Even the Bit99 sounds quite better then the 22. :rolleyes:;)
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I've found with a lot of those crappy instruments that they often make just "one" great sound.. but it if you like that sound then thats all great as you can make it your signature..


I remember when this came out in 1986, they reviewed the EK44 and EK22 together in Electronics and Music Maker.. I think the EK44 (an FM based synth I think) was the one that came out on top.. although even then it wasn't exactly a glowing review..

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