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Studiologic problems 990 XP


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Bought Studiologic 990 xp, great action. Plugged into my Yamaha module, used for couple monyths in studio, no problem.


I unplugged to put into a new Kurzweil sound module and has never produced a sound since.


When I plug back into Yamaha, yamaha says host offline. When in Kurzweil which plays fine with anything else, nothing.


So wanted a factory reset but manual doesn't dsay how. This one has 5 buttons on top. Dealer no use. Phoned UK dealer and he said try same fix for 161 but not same buttons. Then said press all 5 and turn on - nothing.


After 3 weeks I have a dead keyboard. UK dealer can't get answer from Fatar and now read threads about how poor afterservice is, I can vouch for this. Noted someone else had an issue between a diff studiologic and Kurzweil module.


Any advice welcome! Tried a new cable as well. A 4th cable actually lights up the studiologic on led even when studiologic is turned off?


Thanks for any advice. G

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It might be worthless for the SL-990pro, but the SL-880 manual states:


"Power up the keyboard while holding down all three UP-DOWN-ENTER buttons, hold for a few seconds then release all three buttons"


I've had some problems with my SL-880pro and SL-61 also. Sometimes they don't respond to anything after powering up. Reseting a few times usually did the trick.


Also, they send out all the stored settings when leaving the edit-mode and also sometimes when it is not expected. So check the Kurzweil if some volume or mute setting didn't change after connecting the masterkeyboard, since a SL keyboard can sometimes send out strange things.


I had my SL-880pro repaired (when still under guarantee), which did take a long time, and sold it immediately afterwards because I didn't trust the thing at all (having the same kind of problems with my SL-61). Bought a used P80 instead; happy ever since.


Fatar/Studiologic seems to be very bad in electronics. Only their keybeds can be trusted.

However, my old Fatar Studio 900 just keeps going and going!


Good luck with your SL990, I hope it can be fixed. :)

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