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My, how you've grown


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The pitchbend/mod thread got me thinking about how complex my setup has become in just a couple years. To think, as little as three years ago I was just beginning to control a NanoPiano from a Casio keyboard....


Now a Kurzweil ExpressionMate sits at the heart of my rig. Its main out goes to a Roland JP8000, which outs thru a Behringer FCB1010 midipedal and into the ExpMate's main in. The ExpMate's Aux out goes to a midi merge box, which goes to an Alesis QS71 and a Rhodes MK80. The outs go back to the merge, which returns to the ExpMate's aux in. Oh yeah, a Darkstar XP2 hangs off one of the thru ports....


It's a damn good thing I have it all documented, else I'd never be able to put it together on the road.

I used to think I was Libertarian. Until I saw their platform; now I know I'm no more Libertarian than I am RepubliCrat or neoCON or Liberal or Socialist.


This ain't no track meet; this is football.

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Ya know, I've always said there's no such thing as too much gear. On the other hand I feel like a hypocrite, because while seeing a live act where the keyboard player had an unnecessary and obscene amount of gear onstage (including several redundant pieces), I kept thinking "just who the hell does this guy think he is???".


I guess it just comes down to deciding what is necessary to take on the road to get the job done, and leaving EVERYTHING ELSE at home.

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