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A new GEM Equinox 88 Pro for 777 euro - go or no-go?


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I'm looking at the Equinox blow-out offers - I've been looking at this for some time now - and I know all the "horror"-stories regarding its OS - and I'm aware of its age, too - but for the price I still like it and its features (The Pro version has all the piano sounds from the Pro1/Pro2 in its memory and a 1gb built-in harddrive) - what do you think?



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Rasmus - I had an Equinox 61 once upon a time that I upgraded with hard drive and sample RAM. When it first was released, it appeared to be the coolest synth I had seen and was very excited to purchase one. Upon actually getting it home and using it more than the test drive at the store I found that it wasn't the "holy grail" that I originally thought that it would be.


The onboard sounds are not bad, but not great either. The arpeggiator and Groove feature are pretty cool and good for killing loads of time just playing around with the synth. It has lots of onboard patch storage locations so if you gig with it you should be able to keep all of your patches in memory without having to constantly load them between songs. I didn't have the pianos that you would get with the 88, and I understand that they are very good. The ones that came stock with the 61 were not very good. My unit had a high-frequency "buzz" on various sounds which might very well have been poor onboard ROM samples. The latest OS never gave me very many problems, but I never sequenced with the onboard sequencer (which I understand is the major area where crashes happen). Adding your own samples works, but is cumbersome and implemented better on a lot of other synths. The SCSI I/O is pretty slow... The sliders were a great addition but I expected to be able to program the sliders to control outboard gear with more flexibility. That shortcoming eventually led me to look somewhere else (Kurzweil K2600).


As far as a cheap workstation goes, it isn't bad. The price you found isn't too bad but I guess it depends on what you are looking for. If it is just for ROM sounds or you want to do live sequencing for performance purposes, look elsewhere and spend that money in a better way (used Kurzweil or Yamaha boards would be my reccomendation). My happiest day was when I sold my Equinox and upgraded to a Kurzweil K2600, but that was a very big price difference (and even bigger quality difference).


Hope that helps...thanks!


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