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Piano Tuning Socket?


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Hey all,

2 questions...


1. I want to get my friend a piano tuning kit but I dont have that much money!

Does anyone know where i can get one for a good price?


2. Does anyone know of any place else that makes or sells the star head piano tuning socket for regular mechanic ratchets? Like




Thanks in advance!

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I'd get a real hammer rather than try a ratchet. Most ratchets have some play in the head that would make it harder to get a stable tuning. (The usual technique is to bring it slightly sharp, then knock it down to the correct pitch.)


Sorry I don't have a good source, but I remember seeing a very basic student hammer and mute kit for about $45 last year. Hopefuly this is within your budget.

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Thanks! Thats a good point about the play in the ratchet... I didnt even think of that.


Well I think I can get it for about that on ebay.


Does anyone else know where I can get it for cheaper? I dont need any tuning books or cd's with it.

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Most major cities have piano supply houses. They will sell you a tuning lever without any books or CDs. However, you really need the felt strip, some mutes, and a fork or other pitch reference to tune a piano.


I lost my tuning lever, I think in a move. I used to keep one around to deal with the occasional single string that slipped out of tune. I tuned a couple of pianos with it before figuring out that I really shouldn't. Anyone can get the tuning close but getting a piano to sound good is quite another matter.



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