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Komplete 2 - Installation woes and resolutions

Dan South

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I've been installing the Komplete 2 upgrade package today. I already had Pro 53, FM7, and Kontakt, but it seemed like a good deal, and I've lusted after some of the other NI instruments for some time.


The basic installation went without a hitch, but a couple of programs (Absynth 2, Reaktor 4) refused to start until I downloaded patches from NI's website. As I mentioned in another thread, Absynth 2 now runs, but I can't open any of the editors. I'll have to send a note to NI tech support.


Important note if your get the Komplete 2 collection: When you go for updates, don't download updates from the pages for the individual instruments. Go to the Komplete 2 update page and download them from there.


The next glitch was that Kompakt's AU component didn't load properly. I could start Kompakt as a stand alone process, but it wasn't visible in Logic's AU plug in list. I re-ran the installation for Kompakt only, and it installed the plug in component, but now Logic was doing that nasty trick of not loading the Autoload project when an AU component has trouble. I went to the Emagic website and discovered that Logic Pro 6.4.2 addresses this problem - it's about time. I've experienced this problem since the advent of Logic 6. The apparently solved the problem. Kompakt loads fine. Many of the samples are very nice, too! Not enormous samples, but very musical nonetheless.


There's no instruction in the manual for loading the Kontakt and Battery sound libraries. - Other sound libraries can be loaded via the installer. - It turns out that you click a DMP file which mounts a disk image. From that image, you copy the files to any folder that you designate. I had to go to the Komplete 2 Q&A page on NI's website to learn this.


Anyway, I haven't tested everything yet, but except for the Absynth editing problem, everything that I've tried is up and running. Keeping up with all of these versions and patches is a pain, though.

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Hey Dan,


I've had Komplete 2 up and running for a few weeks now. Everything you say is pretty much exactly what I had to go through as well (except I'm running on a PC so was loading VST and RTAS Plug-ins). The good news is that once you load up the monster, I've had very good experience with it so far.


I'm having one minor glitch with the audio from Pro-53 cutting out when I use it in stand-alone mode using Digi's ASIO drivers (just stops completely after a few notes), but it seems to work fine when inserted as a plug-in for Logic 5.5.1 and ProTools. I've been working with NI Tech Support to figure out what's going on. I haven't tried reinstalling just Pro-53 standalone. Based on your experience with Kompakt, maybe I'll give that a try.


Otherwise, I'm extremely happy with the package.




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